Open Day 2021

Kadeco hosted a virtual Open Day, February 10th 2021, introducing a Design Tender for a Strategic Masterplan for the area surrounding Keflavik International Airport. Single presentations from the open day can be watched below. The full event is available here.

Strategic Masterplan

Kadeco has been tasked with the planning, development and marketing of the land surrounding Keflavik International Airport. In order to advance this project of national importance, Kadeco is committed to procuring a design team to deliver a strategic Masterplan that will identify and support the strategy for the sustainable development and planning of the land surrounding KEF. The plan will serve as both a framework for the airport area’s long-term development (until 2050), and as a springboard for launching individual projects in the near term.


Pálmi Freyr Randversson, Managing Director, Kadeco

Max Hirsh, Managing Director, Airport City Academy

Stuart Cairns, Lawyer, Bird & Bird

Sharon Marsh, Operations Director, Mace

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