Business Development Manager


To lead strategic business development in the Keflavik Airport area, ensuring the successful identification, negotiation and completion of investment and economic development opportunities.

Key Responsibilities

• Work with the Managing Director, and consultants, to identify, analyse and determine economic investment and business development strategies.
• Generate investment leads; build and manage relationships with current and potential investors and collaborative development partners.
• Build and present economic arguments based on identified opportunities.
• Communicate effectively with stakeholders to influence opportunities, secure, support and manage expectations for business development in the area.
• Lead, manage and deliver business development projects from idea to full implementation.

Skills and Experience

• Strong financial skills: planning, projections, forecasting, modelling and analysis.
• Experience leading, managing and delivering business development projects from idea to full implementation.
• Experienced in managing complex stakeholder relationships, establishing a shared vision and objectives, and influencing effective collaboration across boundaries.
• Strong knowledge of key sectors including planning and aviation related businesses and/or interest and ability to develop this knowledge at pace.
• Well-developed understanding of the Keflavik Airport Area’s unique characteristics, opportunities and constraints or interest in developing this knowledge at pace.
• Positive, team-orientated, and growth-minded attitude; comfortable in an agile environment.  
• Fluent in Icelandic and English languages.

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