Privacy Statement

We take data protection, especially with regard to personal privacy, very seriously. This privacy policy details how information is collected when visiting the website, how the information is stored and how it is used. We use the IP numbers of users to identify problems with our web servers and administer our sites. When this site is visited, information is generated about the visit. Kadeco does not share this information with others unless legally obligated to do so with the regulatory authorities.


Cookies are used to track visits to the website and to recognize users who have visited the site previously. Kadeco uses cookies in moderation and in a responsible manner. Users are able to configure their own web browsers to alert them to cookies and to reject them entirely. Kadeco uses Google Analytics to track site performance. Every time the site is visited, a number of data points are recorded including the date and time of the visit, the search words used to find the site, the site from which this site was navigated to and the kind of browser and operating system used to visit the site. The data collected is used to develop and improve the site in terms of accessibility and ease of use. No other information about each visit is collected. The data collected is not connected with any personal information that can be used to identify users.

SSL Certificate

This site utilizes SSL certificates. This means that all communications are layered with encryption to increase the security of data transfer. SSL certificates prevent third parties from accessing data, e.g. passwords, sent over the Internet. Information that is sent between web users is encrypted with SSL certificates. This way data is transferred in a secure and proper manner.

Other Websites

Kadeco’s policy on user security does not apply to websites external to this site. Kadeco does not warrant that external websites navigated to from the Kadeco website adhere to Kadeco’s guidelines.

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