March 10, 2021

Community consultation: Help us visualize the future

Kadeco, on behalf of the Icelandic State, Isavia, and the municipalities of Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær, is conducting an international competition for the Keflavik Airport Development area Masterplan. The Masterplan will focus on the development and planning of land surrounding Keflavik International Airport until 2050.

Consulting with the community, both individuals and companies, is a crucial part of the project. We are initiating the consultation process with a questionnaire where we ask for your opinion on the future possibilities of the area. The results of thtexte questionnaire will be used for the development of the Keflavik Airport Area Masterplan.

We encourage all that are interested in the development around Keflavik Airport to participate and help us visualize the future of the area.

The questionnaire is available here.





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