July 7, 2021

Community Consultation Survey Findings

Kadeco and Alta Consulting have prepared a report based on the findings of recent community consultation conducted by Kadeco among residents, businesses, and institutions in the Reykjanes region. The report includes findings from a survey, aimed at residents and businesses, about the future possibilities of the area. The community consultation report is part of the background information provided to the design teams participating in Kadeco’s design tender for the Keflavik Airport Area Strategic Masterplan.

The findings from the community consultation give a good indication of the issues that the community of Reykjanes peninsula is facing. Overall people are very interested in the development of the Keflavík Airport area and recognise Kadeco as a catalyst for change.

Many see the proximity of an international airport, harbour and fishing grounds as a great advantage for the area and possibilities in developing future opportunities. However, respondents raised concerns about the homogeneity of the job market and emphasised the importance of diversifying it. Residents value the natural beauty of the area and would like to see more emphasis on providing good outdoor recreational areas and public spaces. The area is considered a family friendly community. However, it was often mentioned that there is a lack of civic space, cafés or places to go to with the family or friends to meet other people. Quite a few respondents said that public transport needs to be improved, both between the capital and key towns in the region and also within the region itself. Many respondents valued the fact that the community is multicultural and considered it an advantage.

Five multinational design teams have qualified for the next phase of the Keflavik Airport Area strategic masterplan competition. Over the course of the next six months, the five teams will develop and explore their ideas for the site. The winning proposal will be announced by the end of 2021.

To read the report on the community consultation survey findings click here.





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