April 22, 2022

Development context for the Keflavík Airport Development Area

Keflavik Airport Development Company, Kadeco, leads the cooperation of the Icelandic state, Isavia, Reykjanesbær and Suðurnesjabær on the planning, development, marketing and use of land surrounding Keflavík International Airport. The planning of land around Keflavík Airport is intended to support and diversify employment in the region. There are abundant opportunities to be found, and therefore it is paramount that the plan proves successful. Keflavík Airport is equally important for the entire country as it is Iceland’s point of connection with the outside world. Kadeco’s task is to create a dynamic development plan and a strategic land use plan based on a future vision for the area, market analysis and an international competition for ideas and planning.

A detailed presumption analysis of local and international development context has been made in preparation for the development of a comprehensive masterplan. The presumption analysis is intended to form a basis for the development of a future vision for the Keflavík Airport area and a regional brand. The presumption analysis provides an image of the area’s uniqueness, possible opportunities and challenges involved, along with the competitive advantage of the area compared to other international airport development areas.

The presumption analysis (link to read below) includes an analysis of regional prerequisites in the airport’s surrounding areas; the Suðurnes region, the capital region and other regions in Iceland, as well as an analysis of international context and foreign airport areas.

Presumption analysis (PDF)

This analysis of development context formed part of the tender documents available to participants in Kadeco’s international design tender for the Keflavik Airport Area Strategic Masterplan. Three multinational teams, led by design firms Arup, Jacobs, and KCAP, qualified for the final phase of the masterplan tender. KCAP placed first among the competition’s finalists, and have been selected to develop a strategic masterplan for the Keflavik Airport area. 





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